This day will always hold a special place in my heart. Emet, my dear friend Abigail Cavanaugh, and I took a day trip out to Ft. Clinch, FL. The drive there was hilarious. We were talking so much, laughing, and enjoying one another's company that we got turned around several times and had to figure out where to go without a map or GPS. But none of that dampened the mood, because we were all in it together - my kind of day. 

Once we arrived, I put Emet in his Ergo and we were off and ready to explore. I love history, and the Civil War has always been a fascinating era to learn about. I had assumed that since Ft. Clinch was in the south that it was used only by the confederate army, but I learned that it was abandoned by confederate troops and occupied later by the Union army. 

This place was a gold mine for photos. I enjoy taking photos not just because of the way that they look, but because they capture the joy, beauty, and happiness of the moment. 

This was such a wonderful day, not one I'll soon forget. 



|  Credits: Author - Jacintha Payne; Photography -  Jacintha Payne and Abigail Cavanaugh  |