A PAUSE FOR GRATITUDE (VIA: JacinthaPayne.com)

Taking a moment to pause and reflect on some of the ways I'm feeling so much gratitude for this season...

For all the ways I get to share in this sweet life with Calvin. For the very humbling thought of how we’ve grown together. For the many busy and hard days mixed with the happiest moments of time I wish I could freeze. For all the sickness and health challenges mixed with the sweet and bright days of health Calvin and I get to endure together. For how we’ve fought for our marriage and each other over the many years. 

For my incredible son, Emet. For the opportunity I have to I get to daily strive to be a good mom to him. For this precious life, Abner. For the challenges of this pregnancy. For the honor it is to be his mom and excitement we feel to meet him so soon. 

For all the relationships in our lives. For the challenging relationships and the many long and painful conversations we’ve had to have and how they’ve taught us so much and grounded us in ways we wouldn’t have without them. For those steady friends and loved ones who’ve spoken into our lives and continue to invest in us in such large ways. For the sweet way we get to share hardships, the lovely happy days together, and the gift it is to be a part of their life.

For all the progress and failures in our life. For the small wins and little victories. For the times when we lost so much but really it meant we gained something so much more important. For the moments when we feel like we’re nowhere we thought we were gonna be, but so glad because that would have meant the sacrifice of all these other wonderful things.



|  Credits: Author - Jacintha Payne; Photography - Ali Marsh |