Earlier this year, my sister-in-law, Abi, asked if I would help with several things for her wedding and one of those things was the flower arrangements. I was delighted to say yes, of course. She shared some ideas she had, and from there my goal was to make her vision a reality. I've done arrangements on the side here and there, but so far this has been my favorite. I don't have any background in arranging flowers, but I've always had a love for the creative. At times, trying new things can feel challenging because of the unknown, but I wasn't about to allow it to keep me from doing something creative that could bring so much fulfillment and joy in the process. 

Here are some things I thought through for this project:


A helpful first step in developing the overall look was determining the styles and designs I wanted. This allowed me to know the elements we did and didn't like. I sat down and researched flower types, greenery, materials, florists, and other vendors. This helped me develop the style I wanted and determine who I wanted to work with. When working on projects like this, I also love finding articles and videos that help provide a foundation for whatever I'm wanting to make.

These are some of the florals pieces we selected:

  • Silver Brunia

  • Babys Breath

  • Limounium

  • Anemone White

  • Scabiosa Pod

  • Dusty Miller

  • Eryngium Thistle (blue)

We also chose a ton of greenery - which ended up making up most of the bouquets and table decor. 


Once I compiled initial research options, I met with Abi to present some ideas in order to get her feedback and further narrow down what she was hoping to see. Even though I was developing my own look and style, I was also creating a design for someone else. I wanted to make sure I asked good questions so I could capture her vision.


After I understood the vision for my project the next step was to do the job and produce good work. It was a fun adventure. There were many late nights with a house filled with flowers. And, oh my goodness, all the pollen. I think there were times I was afraid my eyes were just going to seal shut with swelling. Haha! But it also provided some of the loveliest memories. I had a dear friend stay with me to help with several commitments I had that week and she would stay up late with me as I worked. 

It's my goal to take the time and effort to make things just right. I find that sometimes just trying things, doing the work, and getting constructive feedback is the best way to grow and develop a talent. While I don't have any background in creating flower arrangements, I've learned that if I want to do something and don't know where to start, I surround myself with people who are creative and know a thing or two about the work I'm hoping to accomplish. 

I just loved the flowers we chose and how it all came together, and was honored to be a part of her day in such a special way. 

What are some fun creative projects you've done?


|  Credits: Author - Jacintha Payne; Photography - All final photos of the arrangements taken by  Ali Marsh, all other photos taken by: Jacintha and Calvin Payne.  |

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